FOOD - 3 course menu $48.50 a head



We have teamed up with Prodigal Daughter to bring you restaurant quality meals delivered for your arrival!

Prodigal Daughter produces restaurant quality meals made by Rachel Priestley. Rachel has years of experience in the industry including:

- Chef to the NZ Ambassador in France
- Lived 10 years in Italy opening Italian restaurants
- Taught trainee chefs in New Zealand, Australia and Italy
- Restaurant openings in Vienna, Austria and Wales
- Italian guest chef in such countries as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Finland, Sweden

Let Rachel deal with the hassle of organising food and cooking dinner!

Just arrive with the wine and she will do the rest. Relax and unwind with the first course of a cheeseboard while you heat up the main courses.

Three course menu $48.50 a head:

First course:
Cheeseboard - a selection of four cheeses, grapes, dried fruit and nuts, preserves and crackers

Main Course:
A choice of Chicken, lemon, rosemary white wine casserole OR Beef Bourguignon with red wine, baby onions and bacon

Individual vanilla bean Panna Cotta, lemon orange citrus sauce

Large bacon caesar salad $20
Gluten free crackers $8

PLEASE NOTE:  Vegetarian options are available.

Rachel uses free range chicken and local grass-fed beef. The citrus and herbs are picked from her garden when it is time to cook.

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